November 4, 2007

Hi all,

Here is the information I have received from USAG Member Services in regards to the new Mandatory background checks.
USAG is now ready to begin the background screening process. The information will be posted on the USAG website and the MD website will have info as well. There will be links on the site in various places such as women’s program pages. This will link back to the member services site. I have attached several of the documents that USAG has sent out regarding this subject.
For now it is important for you to know the following: Screening will be required for all December professional members. The requirement will then continue month by month.
Ø Beginning November 12, 2007 all new members will have to complete the background screening prior to receiving a professional membership. Members whose membership expire in December must complete the screening prior to December 31, 2007. Once background is complete and the safety is current, they will receive the renewal of the professional memberships.
Ø Every following month the same rule will apply. That is Members who expire in January must have the screening completed by January 31 and so on until we go through the roll-out of all 12 months.
Ø Any member may go through the screening process at any time prior to their membership expiration. If a member wishes, or their employer wishes, that they get the screening done in advance, they may do so.
Ø The anniversary date of the background screening will be 2 years from the initial screening. This date does not have to be tied into the membership renewal date. However safety and screening must always be completed prior to the membership expiration.
Ø The screening process will be made available to all clubs, for their employees, within the very near future.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience with this most important matter.
Jay Barrows
MDUSAG State Chairman


Novemebr 2, 2007

Hey all,

First reminder is that the Club rosters and $50 registration fee were due yesterday. I have the following clubs are outstanding:

Rosters – American, Carroll, Flippers, Clarks, Freestate, Gym of America, Island, Maryland State, Preston, Rebounders, TNT

Fees – ACPR, ACRO, American, Carroll, Flippers, Clarks, Columbia, Delmarva, Elite, Frederick, Freestate, Gym of America, Island, Maryland State, North Shore, Preston, Silver Stars, Sportsplex, Top Flight, TNT

As a reminder, level declarations must be made before an athlete can qualify to states. Thus, if your roster is not in before you start the season, your kid can not qualify regardless of their score. I know a lot of you are competing at Judges Invitational this weekend. If you want the scores to count, get the roster in tonight!

Next announcement – the Level 9 & 10 State Meet will be held at the new facility at Unique Gymnastics in Waldorf, MD. I was there last weekend to check it out, and it looks great! The address is 109 Post Office Rd, Waldorf, MD.

Reminder – We are accepting submissions for a new state logo. Entries are due by January 1. I’ve received a couple, and they look nice! Keep sending them in, and let your kids know too. Some of them are very creative!

Last thing for now – USAG is finishing up all the stuff for the MANDATORY background checks which will start. I will be sending something out about this shortly.

Good luck this season!

Jay Barrows
MDUSAG State Chairman


October 22, 2007
Greetings all!

There is still some confusion regarding level declarations that I wish to clarify before the season gets under way. Allow me to dip back in the past a few years so we can all see where we are. Back when we had sectionals, these meets were not only qualifiers, but also used as final declarations of intent for levels. As you may remember, once an athlete competed at a sectional, regardless of whether they qualified to states or not, they could no longer compete at any level below the level of that sectional (per R&P, p. 21). A couple of years ago, the overwhelming majority of pro members indicated to the board that they no longer wished to have sectionals. Listening to the request of the membership, the SAC voted to eliminate all sectional meets. However, we had to come up with a new way of having a declaration that gymnasts may no longer move back. So we came up with the “Declaration Date.” This has been a very confusing issue for everyone, and I am hop ing to clarify it here.

At the beginning of the season (by November 1), you must declare a gymnasts level. Once they are officially declared, they may not compete back a level unless there is a petition to the State Chairman. They may compete up a level, but they can not qualify to states at their new level unless they have declared their new level PRIOR to the competition they received the qualifying score at. If you wish to declare at the new level, you must notify the State Chairman and both the old and new Level Representatives prior to the meet. Once they have declared, they may qualify into states at their new level, but may no longer compete at the lower level at any meets.

Let’s use a fictitious example here. Say a gymnast named Mary is declared as a Level 7 at the beginning of the season. Mary may no longer competes as a Level 6. She may use any in-state meet to qualify into states as a Level 7 gymnast. Assuming she has reached the mobility qualifying score to compete as an 8, she may compete as an 8, but she can NOT qualify into Level 8 states regardless of what she scores (she may, however, use these scores to qualify for mobility into Level 9). Now, let’s say her coach declares her as an 8 to the State Chair and the Level Reps after the meet. She still can not use the scores from the meet where she had reached the qualifying score to get into Level 8 States. For all meets from here on out, she can now use those scores to get into Level 8 States. However, from this point on, she can no longer compete as a Level 7, regardless of whether she makes states or not. If Mary’s coach wants to move her back to Level 7, they must petition the State Chairman for Levels 7 and below, or the Regional Technical Chairman (Myra) for Levels 8-10, and indicate what mitigating circumstances exist (injury, illness, etc) to warrant a move back.

I hope this clarifies this issue. If you still have questions, please ask before one of your gymnasts gets stuck at the wrong level. Because of this clarification, anyone who has already sent in their Level Declarations may change their declaration before November 1.


Jay Barrows
Maryland State Chairman


September 19, 2007
Hey all,

Great to see everyone at the clinics and meeting this weekend. A big thank you to everyone who helped make the clinics a great successa again this year. All the kids seemed to have a great time, and learned a lot. Special thank you to Frances for putting everything together again this year!
For those who missed the general meeting, here are some of the quick highlights:

– Announced Luanne McKenna will be taking over for Nica Sutch as Level 5 Representative, who has resigned due to time constraints. We thank Nica for her year of service.
– We went over the club directory and made some changes (I should have those up on the web by the end of the week, I hope)
– We went over all of the USAG rule changes for the upcoming season (if anyone has any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to ask)
– Reminded everyone of Regional Congress in PA next week. It looks like its going to be a great show!
– We went over and answered a number of questions about Individual Event Specialists. I’ll have all the rules regarding this up on the website by the end of the week, I hope.
– Went over state rule changes:
– Graduating seniors no longer get a free pass into states
– Level 7 Judges cup team winner receives bid to National Judges Cup in San Diego, MDNAWGJ will pay entries and supply leos, MDUSAG will kick in $600 to travel costs
– Draw for state session assignments will now be done by level reps
– Talked about Level 8 issues:
– 8 States will be Saturday, Sunday will be a clinic for all qualifiers
– Coaches please let us know what you want at this clinic. We have a rough draft, but we want this for your kids so let us know what you want
– Talked about upgrading Maryland kids difficulty at Level 8
– We are putting together a unified warm-up for all Maryland Level 8s so at Regionals they will know what to do
– Talked about possibility of having a State Congress next year, and got some great feed back. If there are things you would like us to discuss, please let us know.
– We will be selling some of our old apparal (jackets, coaches shirts, t-shirts) on the website soon (again, I’ll try to get that on the web this week)
– State Meet assignments – Level 9/10 TBA; Level 8 – Columbia; Level 6/7 – ACPR; Level 5 – Sportsplex; Level 4 – Delmarva
– Asked all clubs to encourage your local school athletic comissions to increase high school gymnastics. See what we can do to get this back on its feet again!
– Announced a Logo contest open to all to design a new logo for Maryland USAG. Submissions are due by January 1.
– Reminder that Rosters are due by November 1 to all Level Reps and State Chairman(you should have gotten the blank form yesterday via e-mail). $50 to the state for registration fee is also due November 1. IES declaration (for Level 9 & 10 only) is due by January 1.

I’m sure I probably left some stuff of inadvertantly, but if you weren’t there, then I guess you missed it. Be there next time.