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Championships Info

March 15/16 – Level 8/9/10 States hosted by Twisters (Snow Hill Recreation Center, Snow Hill, MD)

March 23 – Level 8/9 Clinic at Sportsplex

March 29/30 – Level 2/XCel States at 4 Star; Level 8 Regionals hosted by Central Bucks (Doylestown, PA)

April 5/6 Level 4 States at ACPR; Level 9 Regionals hosted by World Class (Newport News, VA)

April 12/13 Level 3 States at 1st Class; Level 10 Regionals hosted by Parkettes (Allentown, PA)

April 26/27 Level 5/6/7 States at Sportsplex

May 2/3/4 – Level 9 Easterns (Tampa, FL)

May 9/10/11 – Level 10 JO Nationals/NIT (Jackson, MS)

New Level Changes

USA Gymnastics will be changing the level structure and compulsory routines starting on August 1, 2013. Please take note there will be only five (5) compulsory levels as opposed to the current six (6) levels of compulsories. Therefore, there will be five (5) optional level as opposed to the current four (4) optional levels.

Maryland USAG Coaches’ Dress Code

The new dress code implemented by USAG is now in effect at ALL MDUSAG competitions.  The only exceptions given are for invitational theme based meets, where the coach may dress in accordance with the theme for that meet at the discretion of the meet director.  Coaches in violation of this rule will NOT be allowed on the floor, even if they are the only coach from their gym. As a reminder, the dress code states that appropriate attire is:

Closed Toe athletic shoes

Athletic warm-up pants or “Docker” style pants (NO JEANS!)

Athletic or tailored shorts that are of a reasonable length (7” inseam)

No holes, tears, or short shorts

Collared shirts, business casual shirts, or T-shirts with gym logo (No spaghetti straps, low cut tops or midriff revealing shirts.

No hats or visors

This is the warm-up the Level 8 Regional Qualifiers will be doing. It is very similar to the National Team Warm-Up with some modifications.

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Ways To Use A Weighted Vest

I took up a friend up on a challenge recently. I took part in a race wearing a weighted vest. This made an already intense race into a very, very difficult struggle.

It felt like I was carrying a whole additional person around the course. My heart rate shot up, my nerves and lungs were burning, also my temperature soared up on the thermometer, and the following day I felt even more sore and exhausted than normal.

And though you don’t need to race with a weighted vest, this bit of fitness gear can come in rather handy as a powerful instrument for improving calorie burn, building muscle and strength quicker, and boosting weight reduction.  I had a bit of difficulty finding a good weighted vest for women, but after a few hours of research I managed to find the perfect one.

workout crew

A weighted vest is merely a garment that is either made from a heavy cloth, or outfitted with pockets that can be full of little sandbags, little steel bars, or other heavy items. The general goal of a weighted vest would be to add some extra weight for body-weight exercises, walking distance running or pace, agility and agility based weighted vest exercises.

When it comes to functionality, studies have shown that using this sort of extra pressure through sprinting or speedwork demands that your lower-body muscles to generate more force onto the earth. This may cause improvements in strength, power, and acceleration throughout running, as well as enhanced energy and power during fast, power, and endurance practices.

However, even when you’re not a pro athlete, then you are still able to benefit from having a weighted vest. Actually, just performing some of your daily tasks with a bit of additional weight can significantly increase your body’s metabolic rate. It can also raise the intensity of an exercise or activity that would usually be easy and even help with bone density by burdening the skeletal system.

It’s very straightforward to turn into a simple bodyweight workout into a tough routine just by putting on a vest that is optional. As an example, I perform a routine when sporting my weighted vest a few times per month.

cycling in weighted vest

Weighted Vest Walks and Hikes

As soon as I hit the woods road with my children, we have a wonderful time in nature, but it’s often not that difficult for me. At times, I need that easy nature hike to be a more intense workout. To do this, I just put a tee shirt vest on my top and beneath my jacket. For walking and hiking, look for a thicker 30-50-pound vest when at all possible.

Needless to say, you do not need to just put on a weighted vest during a hike. You may also wear it for walks around the area, at the park or even performing stair repeats in a stadium or at a resort. The sky’s the limit (I have actually worn my vest during airport safety and walked across airports using it).

Hitting the road with your bicycle when wearing a vest is another excellent strategy. It works particularly well on a road with hills and when you rotate regularly from a standing to a seated position to find an upper body workout component. You might also put on a weighted vest if riding a fixed bicycle

Weighted Vests

There has been a recent increase in the number of gymnasts using weighted vests to help with their training.weighted vest press ups

Weight vests are a piece of workout equipment worn as vests to add a specific amount of weight to the human body to feel the additional mass and put more effort or exercise harder. They are very useful for women who are looking for a quick way to shed off some weight by burning fat and calories. Below is a list of the benefits of weighted vests for women:

Boost Your Resistance Training

The weighted vests greatly boost the resistance training during a workout. These types of garments produce better results than when the resistance training is performed without any weight addition. A study conducted by a Texas University also proved the better result when weighted vests are used by observing a group of athletes after six months. One group of athletes used the vest while the other team did not use. This article describes how weighted vests work.

Increase Muscle

Muscle reduces in your body as age, but irrespective of how old you are, additional mass added by weight vests enhances the increment of tissues as they lessen their loss. Weighted vests for women increase more muscle through resistance training as they make the workout extra challenging causing you to increase strength and muscles. You can also wear the weighted vest and perform exercises such as pushups, lunges, pull-ups, squats and crunches all of which help in increasing the muscles much faster.

Boosts the Cardio Exercises

Weight vests are hugely recommended when looking for a way to improve cardiovascular exercise activity and produce better results. Based on the study that was published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology,’ weight vests enhance the workout results much faster than when performed without. The study involved two groups where one group wore weighted vests that weighed approximately 10 percent of their weight while the other performed without the weighted vests. The group with weight vests performed better based on the VO2 max’ which is the measurement of how the human body can consume oxygen.

Better Bones

Based on the study that was done in 2000 at Oregon State University, weighted vests proved to help in preventing the loss of bones, especially after menopause. During the study, women performed the jumping exercises thrice in one week for 32 weeks annually in five years. The women who wore the weight vests had minimal bone loss compared to those who performed without. Weight vests provided resistance which also increased the ground reaction generated by the jumping activity.

Burn More Calories and Fat

When you perform exercises such as those of plyometric nature also called jump training’ exercises or simply jumping or performing other resistance training while wearing weighted vests, you will gain strength. When you become stronger, you will also be in a much better position to lose the body fat. The more strength and muscle in your body will also enhance the burning of more calories than fat which will greatly help you in controlling your weight.

Weighted vests for women are beneficial as workout equipment that will comfortably intensify your exercises. They are flexible to use and can be used in numerous exercises as well as both in indoor or outdoor workouts. Getting one is a wise step for any women who wish to enhance her exercises and achieve the expected results much faster or within a shortened period.